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Spouse/Partner: WIDOW
School Story:

El Paso High School was the most incredible experience in a young person's Life. Although this Student was not privileged like some to have had the best of most everything; nothing was lacking.

The Faculty and Administration were set forward in teaching Principles, Morals and Respect to one another and the people in our surrounding area.

There was no question as to the attire we would aspire to except that it would be in the most professional forward looking success stories for everyone.

Graduation from such a Historical School set forth a love of Country that was instilled since Childhood. Continuing through the years of educational inspiration by all of the teachers and friends of our friends; we were able to set foot to the continuing sucesses in our Lives >>> WHICH LEADS US in our Partnership to be instrumental in maintaining our Freedom and Liberty from heretofore. God Bless each and everyone of us as we join hands, as we did back then, cheering "For when we're on the field of battle..." to show the World that even today "We in our Friendship and Pride" are a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH. Not only will this be for those of us who have come through the Past, but for all who will join us in our Walk to the Future.

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